Scarlett Alexis & Molly Manning – Ripe for the Taking Part 2: Ulterior Motives


Ripe for the Taking (Part 2 of 3): With her parents gone, Scarlett must now live with her godparents, Molly and Ryan, as well as her new stepbrothers, Apollo and Jay. Scarlett feels lost and afraid – she doesn’t know how to exist in a world her parents aren’t a part of. Unknown to Scarlett, her new family has a dark plot against her. As it turns out, Scarlett inherited a mighty sum from her late parents, and their wealth was partly thanks to Molly and Ryan. With the opportunity to take back their riches, Molly, Ryan, Apollo, and Jay will make Scarlett feel at ease until they can strike. However, there may be room for things to go astray, as Apollo and Jay aren’t prepared for how hot and horny Scarlett is. When they see up her skirt, they both know they want to fuck her. The guys get their chance to mess around with their new stepsister later that night when they play truth or dare in the kitchen. Before the guys know it, Scarlett is on her knees, blowing them both. Despite being so new to sex, Scarlett is natural and fits their cocks down her throat with ease. She works with Apollo and Jay until they both bust their loads for her, but Apollo, feeling second thoughts about the stepfamily plan, almost reveals their secret to Scarlett.

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Date: April 4, 2024