Kenna James & Kay Lovely – Study Buddies With Benefits


Kenna James and Kay Lovely are two college students who love to study together. As far as study buddies go, they’re quite a team, making sure to keep each other on point no matter what the subject matter. Today, however, they’re having a harder time than usual preparing for their upcoming science quiz. Luckily for them, Kay has a naughty idea that’s sure to put the fire under their asses.

You see, Kenna and Kay aren’t just study buddies… they’re study buddies with BENEFITS. And they know just the thing to keep them motivated… sex! And the kind of sex they’re into is a lot kinkier than one would expect from two studious college girls. First, Kay whips out a dildo and facefucks Kenna with it, after which she turns it into a strap-on to fuck Kenna in doggystyle. Kay then sticks another dildo onto the nearby glass door and spit-roasts Kenna till she cums, having her return the favor by licking her pussy just after. It’s raunchy and sexy, and just what they needed.

There’s one thing that’s for sure… After a fuck sesh like this, their study sesh is going to be easy as pi!

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Date: March 27, 2024